Death of a Salesman Act I, Part 3: Summary and Analysis

Arthur Miller

Act I, Part 3: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Charley: neighbor of the Lomans, called Uncle Charley by Biff and Happy, even though he is not their actual uncle; father of Bernard

Ben: Willy’s older brother (Biff and Happy’s uncle); made his fortune in African diamonds as a very young man

The Woman: the woman with whom Willy has an extramarital affair during his sales trips to Boston

Part 3 covers the action up to Willy’s line “...I was right! I was right! I was right!”

As the previous section ends, we remain in the flashback. Willy and Linda are alone, discussing the outcome of Willy’s sales trip and whether there is enough money to pay the bills. Willy exaggerates his...

(The entire section is 1512 words.)