Death of a Salesman Act I, Part 2: Summary and Analysis

Arthur Miller

Act I, Part 2: Summary and Analysis

New Character:
Bernard: meek, younger acquaintance of Biff and Happy who helps Biff study math

Part 2 covers the action up to Willy’s line, “Good work, Biff.”

After Willy has wandered into the living room, where although unseen, he can occasionally be heard talking to himself, the scene shifts to Biff and Happy, talking to each other in their childhood bedroom. Biff is now 34, two years older than Hap. Hap tells Biff he is worried about their father’s absent-mindedness, but the conversation quickly turns to reminiscences about the brothers’ youthful sexual prowess with women. Biff moves their discussion back to the subject of their father, prompting Hap to reveal...

(The entire section is 1134 words.)