Death of a Salesman Act II, Part 5: Summary and Analysis

Arthur Miller

Act II, Part 5: Summary and Analysis

Part 5 covers the action up to when Linda says, “He’s planting the garden!”

After Biff, Hap, and the two women leave the restaurant, Willy’s daydream involving the Boston woman becomes a full-fledged flashback. The Woman is in a black slip and Willy is buttoning his shirt. We hear raw, sexy music as The Woman teases Willy, telling him to stop dressing in the middle of the night. The audience must suspect that The Woman is Willy’s mistress, with whom he just finished making love in this hotel room. When Willy says he’s lonely, The Woman – a secretary at a company that Willy sells to – tries to cheer and console him by telling him that from now on she will send him right through to see...

(The entire section is 1519 words.)