Death of a Salesman Act II, Part 4: Summary and Analysis

Arthur Miller

Act II, Part 4: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Stanley: a young waiter at the restaurant where Biff, Happy, and Willy meet

Miss Forsythe: a woman whom Biff and Happy meet in the restaurant. (In the text she is referred to as simply “Girl” before her name is given.)

Letta: Miss Forsythe’s friend, who eventually joins her, Biff, and Happy at the restaurant

Part 4 covers the action up to when Stanley calls to Hap, “Mr. Loman! Mr. Loman!”

The scene has changed to a restaurant. Hap finds a table with the help of Stanley, a waiter who knows Hap and treats him very well. Bending the truth, Hap tells Stanley that Biff is an important cattle man out West; Hap orders champagne,...

(The entire section is 1578 words.)