Death of a Salesman Act II, Part 3: Summary and Analysis

Arthur Miller

Act II, Part 3: Summary and Analysis

New Character:
Jenny: Charley’s secretary

Part 3 covers the action up to when Willy says, “Charley, you’re the only friend I got. Isn’t that a remarkable thing?”

The flashback in which Willy challenges Charley to fight has ended, but Willy is still heard talking loudly offstage. The lights come up on a new scene: Bernard, now an adult, and Jenny, Charley’s secretary, in Charley’s office. After being fired, Willy has come to Charley’s office – as he does every week, Jenny tells Bernard. Jenny has work to do and asks Bernard to deal with Willy, who is obviously very disoriented, talking to himself as if he were in the flashback of Part 2. As Willy enters, he...

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