Death in Nineteenth-Century British Literature

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The Moon and Sixpence Quiz

Basics of the novel, The Moon and Sixpence.

  1. What does Ata promise Strickland she will do after he dies?

  2. Fill in the blank: Impropriety is the _____ of wit.

  3. What is Strickland before he leaves town to become a painter?

  4. Why does Blanche Stroeve want to leave her home with Strickland, the man who she used to hate? 

  5. Why does Charles Strickland leave his wife and family?

  6. Why does Dirk Stroeve want Strickland to come stay with him and his wife?

  7. Why does Blanche Stroeve end up committing suicide?

  8. What disease does Strickland die of?

  9. What is the name of the 17 year old Tahitian girl whom Strickland marries?

  10. What city does Strickland go to after leaving his Family?