Death and the King's Horseman Summary and Analysis: Act III

Wole Soyinka

Summary and Analysis: Act III

New Characters
Two constables accompanying Sergeant Amusa.

A group of young girls who have been attending to the Elesin’s new bride.

Scene Three begins back in the market, where a cloth stall has been converted into a lavish tent, the entrance of which is covered in rich cloths. The market women back onto the empty stage as a group, pursued by Sergeant Amusa and two constables who are waving their batons. When they get closer to the tent, the women take a determined stand and begin taunting the policemen. Amusa tells them he is there on official business. Calling him the white man’s eunuch, a woman retorts that they too are there on official business, but it isn’t...

(The entire section is 1962 words.)