Death in Venice Part Two: A Look Back Over Aschenbach’s Life

Thomas Mann

Part Two: A Look Back Over Aschenbach’s Life

Reflections on travel lead the reader back through time, and we learn of Aschenbach’s life. Almost all his passion and effort has been devoted to the literary art. He had been born in Selesia. Coming from a family of prominent officials, his father had spent an austere life in service of the king, but his mother was the daughter of a Bohemian musical conductor. Unable to attend school because of his health, he had received solitary lessons at home. After going through a brief period of youthful iconoclasm, he had settled in Munich and was happily married. He had a daughter, who is now married herself, but no son. His wife died soon after marriage. All that seemed to matter to him, from that time, was mastery...

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