Death in Venice Part Four: The Frustrated Departure

Thomas Mann

Part Four: The Frustrated Departure

New Characters:
The Hotel Manager: man who always seems ready to help guests at a hotel but denies the danger of the plague

Tadzio: A good-looking Polish boy of about 14-years-old with whom Aschenbach becomes infatuated.

The Mother of Tadzio: a very formal, dignified lady who is simply yet elegantly dressed

The Sisters of Tadzio: three young girls

The Governess of the Sisters of Tadzio: accompanies the sisters of Tadzio

Jaschiu: playmate of Tadzio

The hotel manager, a small ingratiating man, shows Aschenbach to his room. The place is pleasant enough, and Aschenbach spends the afternoon in contemplation of the sea. When the time...

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