The Death of Artemio Cruz

by Carlos Fuentes

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What are some memorable quotes in The Death of Artemio Cruz?

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Some of the most memorable quotes in The Death of Artemio Cruz might include “memory is satisfied desire” and “you lay some Hiroshima farts with the fucked mother.”

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The most memorable quotes in Carlos Fuentes’s novel The Death of Artemio Cruz could relate to the key themes of the work. As Fuentes’s narrative centers on sex, violence, memory, politics, and religion, try to find quotes that draw attention to those ideas. One such quotation occurs when Cruz declares, “Memory is satisfied desire.” This quote might leave a notable impression because it succinctly brings together two central concepts: recollection and lust. The statement shows the pleasure of remembering select exploits. As if to prove the validity of the quotation, right afterward, the narrative pivots to a graphic scene of intimacy between Cruz and Regina.

Another memorable quote from the novel might come from the section where Cruz muses on the “fucked mother.” This part could stand out due to the extensively obscene vision of Christianity, the Virgin Mary, and temporality. Cruz’s belief that he’s one of the “sons of the fucked mother” starkly demonstrates how religion relates to his rebellious, problematic life. Quotes like “you lay some Hiroshima farts with the fucked mother” capture Cruz’s audacious and sinister worldview.

It’s possible to choose the first sentence as a memorable quote. “First sentences are doors to worlds,” wrote novelist Ursula K. Le Guin. Think about how the first sentence of Fuentes’s novel serves as a portal to Cruz’s universe. “I wake up,” says Cruz. “The touch of that cold object against my penis wakes me up.” With the first sentence’s focus on the body and sensation, it’s possible to argue that Fuentes memorably prepares the reader for a licentious and jarring journey.

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