Dearly Devoted Dexter

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Dexter Morgan is a forensic technician for the Miami police department. When forced to, he interacts with his girlfriend and his sister, but prefers to keep to himself while he hunts his latest victim; Dexter is also a serial killer.

Seeing himself as an avenger of victims of grotesque crimes, Dexter works alongside the “Dark Passenger” that lives within his mind to kill the lowest of society, child killers, habitual rapists, and other serial killers. Dexter only kills after obtaining indisputable evidence, a procedure his father instilled within him when he recognized Dexter's “special talent” and trained him to use it to better society. His Dark Passenger allows Dexter to not only identify his victims, but also to see the killer inside others, including his fellow policeman and nemesis Sergeant Doakes.

When the police respond to a crime scene and find a person dismembered to the extent of retaining only their torso and head, yet are still alive, a reluctant Dexter is enlisted on the case. They discover that the victim was part of a United States sponsored torture unit in El Salvador. As others in that unit (which included Sergeant Doakes) begin to disappear, the police realize they have a serial mad surgeon on their hands and time is running out.

In Dearly Devoted Dexter Jeff Lindsay has managed to fuse terror with dark humor. Dexter continuously reminds the reader that he is not human, and hiding behind the jester's mask, says the most inappropriate, outlandish, and hysterical things, at the most terrifying and inopportune moments, resulting in an entertaining and engrossing novel.