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1. Why does the play open in a darkened room?

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2. Lob is described as a gnome-like character. What would such a character look like, and why does Barrie want Lob to appear gnome-like?

3. Mrs. Coade, who is called "the nicest" of the women in the play by one of the other women, is described by Barrie as keeping about her house a portrait and "certain mementoes" of her husband's first wife. How does such information suggest that she is "nice"?

4. Why are the women planning in act 1 to send a telegram? Why do they not send it?

5. Lady Caroline Laney pronounces her r's as w's. Why does she do so and how does this trait help us to understand her character?

6. Most of the characters in act 1 are unhappy with their lives. To what do they ascribe their unhappiness?

7. How do Lob's razors help Matey determine his master's age?

8. The play contains much irony— Lady Caroline Laney is the hardest on Matey in act 1, but she marries him in the magical woods; Alice Dearth believes she knows her husband best when in fact she knows him least. How does irony help to present the theme of the play?

9. The phrase "Crack-in-my-eye Tommy," often uttered by Will Dearth, is obviously a private idiom. Why does Barrie give this peculiar habit of speech to Dearth?

10. Lob invites his guests because they all have something in common. What is it?

11. Mr. and Mrs. Coade are standards by which other characters can be judged. What characteristics do they have that make them ideal for that role?

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