What is the summary for chapters 11 to 15 of Deadline?

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A lot happens between chapters 11 and 15 in Deadline. Ben continues to test Lambeer. He brings up Malcolm X, and a discussion about racism in America ensues. Timberline beats them in the big game. One of Timberline's captains mocks Cody by saying, "How, Chief." Furthermore, two unsettling secrets are revealed. Joe Henry is Dallas's son and Rudy is a pedophile.

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Here are summaries for chapters 11-15 in Chris Crutcher's Deadline.

Chapter 11

Ben talks with Hey-Soos again. He's mad at Hey-Soos for not enticing him to seek treatment. To help him deal with his disease, Hey-Soos tells Ben to "think of life as a video game."

We then move on to football. Ben and Coach discuss how he played well during practice and how Ben irks his history teacher.

For dinner, Ben goes to Dallas's house and witnesses a cute and playful word game between Dallas and Joe Henry.

Back at home, Ben's dad notices that he's "calmer" and "more focused."

Chapter 12

Ben compares Coach's teaching style with that of his history teacher. "Lambeer is a teacher who cares what you think. Coach cares how you think," says Ben.

Ben wants to switch his book to Malcolm X's autobiography, which is, as Coach reminds him, over 500 pages. Sylvia, however, doesn't think anyone "anyone in this school should be allowed to read that book" due to its language. Sylvia brings up book burning, so Coach checks out a copy of the autobiography from the library and burns it. A discussion about book burning ensues.

Hey-Soos returns, and they discuss Sylvia. Ben says, "She looks good, but man, she could give you a permanent headache." They also talk about Dallas and whether she might "feel betrayed" since Ben's keeping his illness from her.

Chapter 13

Time for the big game against Timberline High School, which is "billed by the Boise newspaper as the actual state championship." The game is played at Boise State. At the start of the game, Timberline's captain mocked Cody. He said, "How, Chief." As for the game itself, Cody plays well, but they still lose.

On Sunday, Ben talks to Rudy. They talk about Malcolm X and Rudy's life. "Never let things spin out of control," Rudy tells Ben. "It’s too hard to get it back."

Then, while Dallas gives Ben a massage, she tells him a secret: Joe Henry is her son.

Chapter 14

This chapter contains a surprise: Coach comes over for Thanksgiving.

Back at school, the history teacher quips, "So Thanksgiving is behind us, the football season has drawn to a merciful close, and we’re all equal again." Ben tells Lambeer that he wants to get a street named after Malcolm X, so Lambeer threatens to fail him. A discussion about racism in America ensues. "Did you know they found dead bodies more than a year after Hurricane Katrina? No way that happens in, like, Beverly Hills, California," says Ben.

Ben goes to see Rudy, who is "seriously shit-faced. I mean embalmed." Ben puts him on his cot, then goes home and thinks more about his mom.

Chapter 15

Ben goes back to Rudy, who's still sleeping. When he wakes up, he tells Ben,

You need to stay away from me. It was a mistake to get sober. A bigger one to start talking to you.

Rudy then confesses he sought to be a priest because he was "fascinated with young boys." Rudy tells Ben about his "grooming" of 13-year-old Donnny Blankenship. After a year of abuse, Donny killed himself. Rudy also suggests that he might be attracted to Ben because he’s so “small.”

Ben then goes to a new therapist, who tells Ben he's "foolish" for not getting treatment.

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