What events occur in chapter 13 of Deadline?

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As Chapter 13 opens, the narrator describes an upcoming championship game to be played at Boise State. He's expecting a huge turnout, and there's a great deal of excitement and build-up. Ben and Cody agree to study old tapes together to ready themselves to face their opponents.

Game Day arrives, and in the stadium, "the atmosphere is electric," Ben reports. Things are tense as the captains of the opposing teams go to shake hands; they treat each other disrespectfully.

After the coach gives the team a pep talk, the game begins, with Cody starting off shaky but quickly improving. He approaches a scout from BSU, and Ben reflects that Cody will probably receive an offer. "I am hugely appreciative, even if it didn’t turn out exactly like I wanted," he thinks, wishing he could have earned a little more glory from football, but content to close that chapter of his life.

That weekend, Ben visits Rudy, and the two discuss the ending of Malcolm X's autobiography. Rudy explains to Ben how the Civil Rights Movement unfolded and how Malcolm X affected his life as well as his philosophy. He tells Ben, "'Things spun out of control. Ben, never let things spin out of control. It’s too hard to get it back.'"

Later on, at the Suzuki house, Dallas massages Ben's back. They talk playfully about how much they love each other, and she confides in him that Joe Henry is her son, that she was a mother at age thirteen. She's eager to secure Ben's devotion to her, she confesses how much she hates keeping her motherhood a secret, and Ben promises her that he'll always be around.

Silently, he panics. How can he make good on that promise if he's dying?

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