A Day No Pigs Would Die Topics for Discussion
by Robert Newton Peck

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Topics for Discussion

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

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1. "Weaseling" a dog was a common way to teach a dog to hate and kill weasels. What happens when Ira Long, Rob, and his papa weasel Ira's dog? What lesson do they learn?

2. Rob demonstrates his sense of responsibility by his attitude toward his chores. Give examples from the story.

3. Who does Papa think is the better farmer, himself or Mr. Tanner? Why? Who does Rob think is better?

4. Rob's trip to the Rutland Fair is a dream come true, and he feels a wide range of emotions. What are they? Have you had a similar experience?

5. The name of this book comes from the final chapter. What is its significance?

6. Rob's view of religion is limited to Shaker beliefs. How does he react when he discovers that Aunt Matty and Mr. and Mrs. Tanner are Baptists?

7. Papa and Rob use a capstan to help the ox move the corn crib. What is a capstan and how does it work?