A Day in the Dark Topics for Further Study
by Elizabeth Bowen

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Topics for Further Study

(Short Stories for Students)

Read over the passages in which Barbie describes the landscape of Moher. Write a poem or a short sketch describing a scene in nature and your own or a character’s emotional response to it.

Read Bowen’s “The Demon Lover” and compare its themes to those of “A Day in the Dark.”

Bowen lived in a “big house” much like the one occupied by Miss Banderry. Investigate the history of the region of Moher to get a sense of the changes that occurred that would have affected Miss Banderry. How do you think a woman like her would have lived before her family lost the milling business? How do you think this loss affected her? Use details from the story to back up your views.

Bowen had a difficult childhood as she continually moved from house to house and she eventually lost both her mother and father. Read biographical materials on her to determine whether you see any autobiographical details in the story. Do you think she would identify more with Barbie or with Miss Banderry?