Day of the Cheetah

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

In the eight years since the flight of the “Old Dog,” General Bradley Elliott and his whiz kids at the High Technology Advanced Weapons Center deep in the Nevada desert have produced yet another significant achievement in combat aviation. The project this time is to mate a highly maneuverable canard wing fighter with an advanced neural transfer and response device (ANTARES) which will result in an aircraft capable of turning on a dime, with eight cents change, and reacting at the speed of thought. Using ANTARES a pilot will be able to formulate an action and have his thought transmitted electronically to the aircraft for instantaneous execution. Moreover, the aircraft would be equipped with a computer software program capable of offering the pilot a list of possible actions to undertake in a given situation.

Unfortunately for General Elliot and his technical assistants, the entire project is at the mercy of a Russian spy who infiltrated the U.S. Air Force a decade earlier. Captain Ken James is not only a Russian agent but also the only man able fully to utilize the new technology of the new “DreamStar” fighter.

Yet, even with the mass of data which James is able to transmit the Russians are unable to duplicate the American achievement. Moreover, the cost of the program and the fact that only one man seems able to achieve the necessary symbiosis with ANTARES leads the President to decide to terminate the DreamStar project. Unable to accept the consequences of separation from ANTARES, James agrees to steal the fighter and fly it to the Soviet Union for replication. Thus begins a desperate effort by the United States to recover DreamStar without provoking World War III, while the Soviets endeavor to accomplish the unprecedented theft and at the same time avoid a general war.

Dale Brown proves once again that he is an accomplished author of techno-thrillers. DAY OF THE CHEETAH provides the reader with the latest in aviation technology and at the same time presents a viable scenario of how the two superpowers might react in a given situation.