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1. Compare David Starr, Space Ranger to the 1977 film Star Wars. What themes do they have in common? Is their appeal basically similar? Are there any important differences?

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2. Relate the ethical code shown in David Starr, Space Ranger, to that of the typical western book or film. You may wish to include later volumes of the series in your discussion.

3. Some people consider the last volumes of the Lucky Starr series to be better than the first. Read the rest of the series and write about the changes that occur between the beginning and the end of the series, indicating which of these changes you consider improvements.

4. In the society portrayed in David Starr, Space Ranger, science and scientists have a great deal of power and status. Present a report on the relative value given to science and scientists by several Western countries in the 1950s and today. How do situations shown in the novel compare to those of actual twentieth-century society? Is the high status of science and scientists as depicted by Asimov possible—or desirable?

5. Some readers have thought that elements of David Starr, Space Ranger, such as the force-shield and the Martians themselves, seem more like magic than like science fiction. What is the distinction between science fiction and magic or fantasy? Classify various elements of the novel as science fiction or fantasy. Does the presence of almost magical elements detract from the book?

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