David Michael Kaplan Biography


David Michael Kaplan was born in New York City on April 9, 1946, to Sidney and Minnie Marie Henson Kaplan. He married twice, the second time to Joyce Winer in 1988. He earned his bachelor’s degree at Yale University (1967) and his master’s of fine arts at the University of Iowa (1987). Before teaching at the latter institution (1985-1987) and thereafter at Loyola University, Chicago, Kaplan was the creative director of Shadowstone Films, Durham, North Carolina (1971-1976) and the production director of National Television News, Los Angeles (1976-1984).

Prior to the publication of his collections, Kaplan’s short stories appeared individually in The Atlantic, Playboy, Redbook, Triquarterly, Fiction Network, Ohio Review, The Wooster Review, Shankpainter, Yellow Silk, Doubletake, and elsewhere. His stories have also been broadcast on National Public Radio’s The Sound of Writing series.