David Lynch

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Principal Works

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Six Men Getting Sick [director] (short film) 1966

The Alphabet [screenwriter and director] (short film) 1968

The Grandmother [screenwriter and director] (short film) 1970

Eraserhead [screenwriter and director] (film) 1977

The Elephant Man [screenwriter with Eric Bergren and Christopher DeVore; director] (film) 1980

*Dune [screenwriter and director] (film) 1984

Blue Velvet [screenwriter and director] (film) 1986

The Cowboy and the Frenchman [screenwriter and director] (short film) 1989

Twin Peaks (television series) 1990-91

Wild at Heart [screenwriter and director] (film) 1990

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me [screenwriter with Robert Engels; director] (film) 1992

Lost Highway [screenwriter with Barry Gifford; director] (film) 1997

Lynch on Lynch [edited by Chris Rodley] (interviews) 1997

The Straight Story [director] (film) 1999

Mulholland Drive [screenwriter and director] (film) 2001

*The screenplay was based on the novel by Frank Herbert.

†Lynch served as the creator and producer of the series with Mark Frost. He also wrote and directed several episodes over the series' two seasons.

‡The screenplay was based on the novel by Barry Gifford.

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