"Them That Has Gits"

(Magill's Quotations in Context)

Context: On his father's death John Lenox gives up his position with a New York law firm and goes to work as a bank assistant in Homeville, New York. The owner of the bank, David Harum, is quickly impressed with John's work and his character, and he soon has John move into his home where he resides with his widowed sister, Polly Bixbee. John gradually becomes a part of the community. One Sunday, after taking part in the singing at church, he meets the Verjoos sisters, who are in town for the summer. Later, at the dinner table, after John has gone to his room, David tells his sister that he saw John with Clara Verjoos and says, "I couldn't help thinkin' what a nice hitch up they'd make." Polly Bixbee then gives her reasons for the improbability of such a marriage:

"He hain't got anythin' to speak of, I s'pose, an' though I reckon she'll hev prop'ty some day, all that set o' folks seems to marry money, an' some one's alwus dyin' an' leavin' some on 'em some more. The' ain't nothin' truer in the Bible," declared Mrs. Bixbee with conviction, "'n that sayin' thet them that has gits."