David Guterson

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Gehrman, Jody Elizabeth. "Hatching a Movie Egg." The San Francisco Review of Books 21, No. 1 (January/February 1996): 30.

Mixed review of Snow Falling on Cedars. Gehrman praises the novel's suspense and dramatic tension, but finds its emotional content trite and its characterizations of Japanese Americans uninspired.

Howard, Jennifer. Review of Snow Falling on Cedars, by David Guterson. Book World—The Washington Post (16 October 1994): 8.

Favorably reviews Guterson's novel.

Iyer, Pico. "Snowbound." Time 144, No. 13 (26 September 1994): 79.

Praises Guterson's vivid descriptions in Snow Falling on Cedars and calls the novel a "tender examination of fairness and forgiveness."

Streitfeld, David. "Where Winning Isn't Everything." Book World—The Washington Post (15 May 1995): B1, B7.

Comments on the awarding of the PEN/Faulkner Prize to Snow Falling on Cedars.

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