David Cronenberg

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Principal Works

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*Transfer [also director] (screenplay) 1966

*From the Drain [also director] (screenplay) 1967

Stereo [also director] (screenplay) 1969

Crimes of the Future [also director] (screenplay) 1970

They Came from Within [also director; also known as The Parasite Murders, Shivers, and Frissons] (screenplay) 1975

Rabid [also director; also known as Rage] (screenplay) 1976

The Brood [also director] (screenplay) 1978

Fast Company [also director] (screenplay) 1978

Scanners [also director] (screenplay) 1979

The Dead Zone [director] 1983

Videodrome [also director] (screenplay) 1983

The Fly [with Charles Edward Pogue; also director] (screenplay) 1986

Dead Ringers [with Norman Snider; also director] (screenplay) 1988

Naked Lunch [also director] (screenplay) 1991

Cronenberg on Cronenberg [edited by Chris Rodley] (memoir) 1992

M. Butterfly [with David Henry Hwang; also director] (screenplay) 1993

Crash [also director] (screenplay) 1996

eXistenZ [also director] (screenplay) 1999

*Also cinematographer and editor.

†Also cinematographer, editor, and producer.

‡Also cinematographer and producer.

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