David Caute J. G. Weightman - Essay

J. G. Weightman

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

The Communist ideal, or myth, or temptation has undoubtedly played an exceptional part in French intellectual life, and it was inevitable that sooner or later a full-scale attempt should be made to chart the phenomenon. It was not so obvious that the task would be undertaken by a post-graduate student well under the age of thirty and that he would make such a remarkably good job of it. [In Communism and the French Intellectuals, 1914–1960] David Caute has assimilated a vast amount of material and reduced it to an intelligible pattern. (p. 96)

[Caute] says that his approach is "historical," not psychological, i.e. he is assembling verifiable data, and he does so very well. But he touches on...

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