Text of the Poem

(Poetry for Students)

  To replay errors
the revolving door of days
Now it's over
There's no one point thank god in the turning World
I was always moving 5
tired too but laughing
To be a widow is an old
freedom I have known
Vidua paradisea a bird
Singly I flew 10
and happiness was my giraffe
in the face of Africa
me among daughters
and my son at work
me pregnant with them 15
taking in the glamour days
town and country mirabella elle vogue
We have made this world
brown women
laughing till we cleared the dining table 20
In hotels men asked my girls to fetch them towels
In restaurants they asked us for bread
Today I'm a civil servant on the Hill

From the mall what colorful sarongs
my children bring to drape my ankles 25
the gifts we give
to Mina pearls
Tara a Paloma purse for cosmetics
Lata a pair of lime shoes for the miles
Devi gives me her eclectic lit eyes 30
the glamour of our wilder regions
Bombay weavers on the twenty-four-hour looms
shocking pink is the navy of India

Listen I am listening
my mind is a trip 35
I took its English ships
I flew over oceans
I flew in the face of skies
orienting my loss of caste in a molting nation
my dark complexion 40
the folly of envy
wishing all my life to be fair
My jealous god leaves
Hello son this is your mother
Here daughters take these maroon saris
these maroon bras
I am proud to have borne you
When you gather around me
newness comes into the world