Daughter of Destiny Bibliography - Essay

Benazir Bhutto


(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

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Burki, Shahid Javed. Historical Dictionary of Pakistan. Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1991. Burki is a distinguished Pakistani scholar and economist, and this is an invaluable resource for information on all aspects of Pakistan: its history, its social, cultural, and political makeup, and the personalities that have shaped it. Includes a detailed chronology from the eighth century up to March, 1991.

Burki, Shahid Javed. Pakistan Under Bhutto, 1971-1977. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1980. An objective examination of “Bhuttoism,” the circumstances that produced it, and the effect it had on the political system, society, and economy of Pakistan.

Burki, Shahid Javed, and Craig Baxter. Pakistan Under the Military: Eleven Years of Zia ul-Haq. Boulder, Colo.: Westview Press, 1991. Six essays offering some contrasting perspectives on the Zia regime. Includes a chronology of important events, biographical sketches of important personalities during the Zia years, and a bibliography. Essential for the reader who wishes for a more balanced perspective than that offered by Bhutto.

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Choudhury, Golam W....

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