My Darling, My Hamburger Topics for Discussion
by Paul Zindel

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Topics for Discussion

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

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1. While the Tobins love Maggie and the Holowitzes love Dennis, both adolescents have some difficulties with their families. What are the difficulties each character faces, and how are Maggie's and Dennis's difficulties similar?

2. How do Liz's problems with her mother and stepfather influence her relationship with Sean?

3. Describe Sean's relationship with his father. How does it influence his relationship with Liz?

4. What choices do Liz's pregnancy and her decision to have an abortion force upon Maggie? Do you think Maggie chooses correctly?

5. What makes Sean abandon Liz during her pregnancy? How does this decision affect him?

6. What happens to Maggie and Dennis at the novel's end? How do they feel about their relationship? How do they feel about themselves?