Questions and Answers: Part 3—The Third Hearing—Chapters 4-6

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Study Questions
1. What did Gletkin deprive Rubashov of by continuously examining him?

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2. What did Herr von Z. say about faith?

3. Why does the Party lie to Gletkin’s villagers?

4. What does Rubashov long for as he stands in the yard?

5. What reasons does Gletkin give for Rubashov’s confession?

1. Gletkin deprived Rubashov from having the victim’s moral superiority over his examiner by continuously examining him.

2. Herr von Z. said faith was the only thing you could be crucified in the name of.

3. The Party lies to Gletkin’s villagers because its lies are useful to humanity.

4. Rubashov longs for the ability to live like other people as he stands in the yard.

5. Gletkin says Rubashov confessed because of his lack of sleep and physical exhaustion, as well as the brightness of the lamp as he was being examined

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Questions and Answers: Part 3—The Third Hearing—Chapter 3


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