Questions and Answers: Part 2—The Second Hearing—Chapter 7

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Study Questions
1. Why does Rubashov think Ivanov has come to his cell?

2. What does Ivanov ask from Rubashov?

3. What reason does Ivanov give for Bogrov’s execution?

4. What does Ivanov say was Raskolnikov’s mistake in killing the old woman?

5. What is Gletkin’s years-long habit?

1. Rubashov thinks Ivanov has come to his cell to trick him into signing his confession.

2. Ivanov asks Rubashov to let him speak for five minutes, and to listen to what he says.

3. Ivanov says Bogrov was executed because he had fallen two decades behind the times by continuing to advocate worldwide revolution and the Party’s construction of large submarines.

4. Ivanov says Raskolnikov’s mistake was to kill the old woman for his personal interest rather than to serve the Party.

5. Gletkin’s years-long habit is to work all the way through the night three or four times a week.

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