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Questions and Answers: Part 1—The First Hearing—Chapters 10-12

Study Questions
1. What has Rubashov learned from his earlier confrontations with death?

2. Why can’t Rubashov have a pencil and paper?

3. Who does Rubashov think No. 402 is?

4. How do Party members believe No. 1 come into power?

5. What reason does Rubashov give the dock workers for the Party exporting oil to the European dictatorship?

1. Rubashov has learned from his earlier confrontations with death that the confrontations change one’s thinking and provoke unexpected reactions.

2. Rubashov can’t have a pencil and paper because he does not have the vouchers prisoners need in order to buy paper and pencils.

3. Rubashov thinks No. 402 is a young former military officer who served in the pre-Party government.

4. Party members believe No. 1 came into power by forging the will of the former Party leader.

5. Rubashov tells the dock workers the oil was exported to the European dictatorship because selling the oil helped industrial development in the Party’s homeland.