Dark Rivers of the Heart by Dean Koontz

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Dark Rivers of the Heart

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Dean R. Koontz has written many best-selling suspense and horror novels, including WATCHERS (1987), HIDEAWAY (1992), and DRAGON TEARS (1993). In DARK RIVERS OF THE HEART, Koontz combines sophisticated technology with a neo-fascist government agency and has come up with a terrifying chase novel. Spencer Grant—the hero of the story—meets Valerie Keene by chance in a Santa Monica bar. He is attracted to her, but before their love can blossom she disappears. During Grant’s efforts to locate Keene, he is nearly killed by mysterious members of an assault team. This assault team is part of a clandestine government agency that has been also looking for Valerie Keene. It is revealed that she is a member of a growing resistance movement and, therefore, being hunted by the powerful agency. The agency’s representative in charge of the manhunt is Roy Miro. He thinks of himself as a man with a higher purpose. Miro is willing to crush anyone who gets in the way of him making the United States a more perfect country.

Both Grant and Keene have been loners for most of their lives. Spencer Grant and Valerie Keene are not even their real names. They eventually join forces, along with Grant’s lovable dog, and race across Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. The agency uses only the most advanced technological gadgets to track down its victims. Koontz makes it evident in this novel that he is distrustful of any government agency that seeks to control individual American’s lives. He is also suspicious of technology and how it can be used to encroach on an individual’s privacy. Although Koontz is extremely heavy-handed at times, DARK RIVERS OF THE HEART is an explosive novel that will keep the millions of Koontz’s fans furiously turning its pages until they reach the exciting conclusion.