The Dark Elf Trilogy Critical Essays

R. A. Salvatore


(Critical Survey of Science Fiction and Fantasy)

The Dark Elf trilogy is a prequel to the Icewind Dale trilogy (1988-1990). R. A. Salvatore also continued the story of Drizzt in the books The Legacy (1992) and Starless Night (1993).

In the Dark Elf trilogy, Salvatore provides the personal history of Drizzt, one of the Icewind Dale heroes. An honest, moral individual, Drizzt is out of place in the dark elf society. He realizes that he does not belong and flees from his city and eventually from the Underdark. He searches for honor and friendship.

This trilogy teaches that honesty and friendship are to be honored and savored. Honesty, principles, and friendship are preferable to anything else, but they must be earned. Drizzt learns that no matter how much he wants to be accepted and to make friends among the surface dwellers, he must prove his good intentions. In addition, he must prove that he is trustworthy before friendship is granted. Once it is, his friends accept and trust him, though others may not. Drizzt’s adventures show the necessity both of working at developing positive relationships and of understanding that many people judge others by their appearance.

The trilogy discusses issues of prejudice. When Drizzt leaves Menzoberranzan and begins to encounter other races, he tends to judge them initially according to what he had been taught; he is inclined to believe that they are evil, as his teachers had said. He remembers, however, that he believes the drow are really the evil...

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