Further Reading

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)


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Traces McNickle's life and discusses his influence on Indian-white relations as evidenced in his work in Native-American development organizations and in his various writings.

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Overview of McNickle's life and work, including critical commentary on each of his books.


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Positive review of Indian Man.

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Describes La Farge's life and praises McNickle's portrait as perceptive and sympathetic.

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Explains the different mind-sets of Europeans and Native Americans upon initial contact, depicts resulting misunderstandings, and details the changing attitudes of white government toward Indian needs, rights, and demands.

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Compares The Surrounded with its earlier manuscript incarnation, "The Hungry Generations." Owens argues that whereas the earlier version, with its happy ending, resembles conventional romance, the darker vision of the final novel is a hallmark of naturalism.

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Discusses The Surrounded in terms of Wolfgang Iser's critical theories.

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Examines the changing perspective of the narrator in The Surrounded as he returns to his reservation and experiences the loss of traditional Native-American values.