Daphnis and Chloë

by Longus

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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

Daphnis, the protagonist, is tasked with finding a purse made of silver in order to profess his love for Chloë and ask for her hand in marriage. He was abandoned as a baby and was found with a luxurious purple coat and a dagger made of ivory. His birth father is Dionysophanes.

Lamo, Dionysophanes's slave, and his wife, Myrtale, find Daphnis and raise him as their son.

During his journey, Daphnis meets Lycaenium, a woman who teaches him about true love.

Chloë, like Daphnis, was abandoned as an infant on the island of Lesbos. She is found by Dyras and his wife, Nape. Her birth father is Megacles.

Chloë is pursued by two suitors, Dorco and Lampis, who both kidnap her, but she is rescued by Daphnis.

Chloë is also kidnapped by the Methymneans, but they release her after being threatened by the god Pan.

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