Daphnis and Chloë

by Longus

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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

Lamo and his wife discover the infant Daphnis, abandoned and wrapped in a purple cloak with an ivory dagger by his side. They raise the boy as their own.

Dyras discovered the infant Chloë, also abandoned and richly dressed. He and his wife raise her as their own.

Daphnis and Chloë grow up together. One day, while playing, Daphnis becomes trapped in a wolf pit, but he is rescued by Chloë. At this point, he falls in love with her. However, a young man named Dorco asks to marry Chloë, but her father refuses. He tries to kidnap Chloë, but his plan fails when he is attacked by a pack of dogs.

Later, Daphnis is kidnapped by pirates. She is given a herding pipe by Dorco, and when she blows into it, the cattle swim to the ship, and it is overturned. While celebrating Daphnis's safe return, Chloë is kidnapped by the Methymneans after they blame Daphnis for breaking the lines used to dock their ship. The god Pan threatens them, and they return Chloë.

Chloë is pursued by another man named Lampis, and her father considers agreeing to the marriage. Too poor to provide for her, Daphnis sets off to find a silver purse before he asks for Chloë's hand in marriage. He succeeds and asks her father's permission to marry her. While preparing for the wedding, Chloë and Daphnis learn who their fathers are.

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