Daphne Marlatt Principal Works

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Principal Works

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

Frames of a Story (poetry) 1968

Leaf Leaf/s (poetry) 1969

Rings (poetry) 1971

Vancouver Poems (poetry) 1972

Steveston (poetry) 1974

Our Lives (poetry) 1975

Steveston Recollected: A Japanese-Canadian History [editor] (nonfiction) 1975

Zócalo (novel) 1977

Opening Doors: Vancouver's East End [editor; with Carole Itter] (essays) 1979

Net Work: Selected Writing [edited by Fred Wah] (poetry and prose) 1980

What Matters: Writing 1968-1970 (poetry and essays) 1980

Here and There (poetry) 1981

Lost Language: Selected Poems of Maxine Gadd [editor; with Ingrid Klassen] (poetry) 1982

How Hug a Stone (poetry) 1983

Touch to My Tongue (poetry) 1984

Ana Historic (novel) 1988

Double Negative [with Betsy Warland] (poetry) 1988

Salvage (poetry) 1991

Ghost Works (poetry) 1993

Two Women in a Birth [with Betsy Warland] (poetry) 1994

Taken (novel) 1996

Mothertalk: Life Stories of Mary Kiyoshi Kiyooka [by Roy Kiyooka; editor] (memoirs) 1997

Readings from the Labyrinth (essays) 1998