Canto 31 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What does Virgil say causes Dante not to see well?

2. What are the towers that Dante thinks he sees?

3. What does Dante think about nature’s decision to discontinue the giants?

4. How large (using the measurement of hands) is the giant from the place where the mantle is buckled to the ground?

5. Who is Ephialtes?

6. What is the punishment of Ephialtes?

7. Who is Nimrod?

8. What is the duty of Antaeus?

9. Who is the military leader that Scipio causes to retreat?

10. What is Carisenda?

1. Virgil says that the fog has caused Dante not to see well.

2. The towers that Dante thinks he sees are actually giants.

3. Dante says that nature’s decision to discontinue the giants is a wise one because persons of regular size cannot protect themselves against such large creatures, which also have some intelligence.

4. From the place where the giant’s mantle is buckled downward in hands is a full 30 hands.

5. Ephialtes is the giant who had fought against Jove.

6. The punishment of Ephialtes is that he remain in chains because of his attack on Jove.

7. Nimrod is the giant who is responsible for the many languages on the earth.

8. Antaeus is the giant who will carry them to the bottom of sin.

9. Scipio causes Hannibal to retreat in battle.

10. Carisenda is a tower that gives viewers the feeling that it is leaning toward them if they look upward at it.

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