Dante's Inferno Canto 29 Questions and Answers
by Dante Alighieri

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Canto 29 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Dante spend time observing the people in the Ninth Trench?

2. What does Virgil say that his business is in Hell?

3. Why is Aretine being punished in Hell?

4. What is the punishment for falsifying?

5. How large is the fosse, according to Canto XXIX?

6. According to the myth, how did Jupiter repopulate the island of Aegina?

7. According to the myth, why did Jupiter have to repopulate the island of Aegina?

8. What was the “joke” that Aretine had told Albero of Siena?

9. How did Albero punish Aretine?

10. What are some examples of falsifying?

1. Dante spends time observing the people in the Ninth Trench because he is looking for a kinsman.

2. Virgil says that his business in Hell is to show Dante what Hell is like.

3. Aretine is being punished for the crime of alchemy.

4. The sin of falsifying is punished by disease.

5. The fosse is 22 miles round.

6. Jupiter repopulated the island of Aegina with ants.

7. Jupiter had to repopulate the island of Aegina because Juno had sent pestilence which destroyed the people of the island of Aegina.

8. The “joke” that Aretine had told to Albero of Siena was that he could take wings and could fly.

9. Aretine punished Albero by burning him.

10. Some examples of falsifying include alchemy, making shoddy products, consenting to dishonesty, the sale of the church, tampering with things to be sold, and the sale of sexual relationships.