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Canto 28 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is the punishment of the Sowers of Discord?

2. Who is Absalom?

3. Who is Bertrand de Born?

4. Why does Virgil say that Dante is in Hell?

5. What advice does the outcast give to Caesar?

6. What is the outcast’s punishment for giving ill advice to Caesar and for creating discord?

7. How is the outcast able to speak?

8. Which type of discord does Bertrand represent?

9. Which type of discord does Mahomet represent?

10. Which type of discord does Curio represent?

1. The Sowers of Discord received bodily injury specific to their crimes for their actions.

2. Absalom was David’s son; David was King of Israel.

3. Bertrand de Born...

(The entire section is 225 words.)