Canto 24 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What is a hind?

2. Describe the relationship between Dante and Virgil.

3. Virgil warns Dante several times to make sure that the rocks he steps on will bear his weight. Dante is not worried about this. Why?

4. What is Virgil’s reaction to Dante’s stopping for breath?

5. What does Dante see in Bowge VII with the sinners?

6. How are the sinners in Bowge VII tied?

7. What is Vanni Fucci’s disposition?

8. Vanni Fucci refers to Mars. Who is Mars?

9. Fucci predicts the defeat of a faction? Which faction is this?

10. Why does Fucci share this prediction with Dante?

1. A hind is a farm assistant.

2. Virgil senses Dante’s concern and smiles at him; Dante feels distress when his master is concerned. Virgil opens his arms to Dante; Virgil’s action shows a love and friendship for Dante.

3. Dante is not worried about rocks bearing his weight because he reasons that if the hypocrites with cloaks of lead can walk on the rocks, his weight should not be a problem.

4. Virgil chastises Dante and urges him to continue moving down the path.

5. Dante sees serpents in Bowge VII with the sinners.

6. The sinners in Bowge VII are tied up with snakes.

7. Vanni Fucci is an ill-tempered brute.

8. Mars is the god of war.

9. Fucci predicts the defeat of the Whites.

10. Fucci shares with Dante his prophesy of the defeat of the Whites to break Dante’s heart.

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