Canto 23 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why does Dante say that he is particularly frightened of the demons?

2. Is Dante alone in his fear?

3. What is Virgil’s reaction when he sees the demons?

4. Who are the sinners in Circle VIII, Bowge VI?

5. How are they attired?

6. Who is the shade Dante sees crucified?

7. What is the formation that Virgil and Dante take when they resume travel?

8. Who are Catalano and Loderingo?

9. How are the demons able to overtake the two travelers if the travelers have a head start?

10. How long are the hypocrites to wear the cloaks?

1. Dante says that he is particularly frightened that the demons may become angry; because of Virgil and Dante, the demons have been tricked, made fools of, and knocked about. If the element of rage is added, the demons will probably come looking for them.

2. Dante is not alone in his fear; Virgil is also fearful.

3. Virgil becomes protective of Dante when he sees the demons.

4. The sinners in Circle VIII, Bowge VI are the hypocrites.

5. The hypocrites wear brightly colored cloaks lined with lead.

6. The shade who has been crucified is the high priest who had condemned Christ to the crucifixion.

7. Virgil walks ahead and Dante follows in his footsteps.

8. Loderingo and Catalano are two Jovial Friars.

9. By flying, the demons are able to overtake the travelers.

10. The hypocrites must wear the cloaks for eternity.

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