Canto 2 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. With which two other travelers does Dante compare himself unfavorably?

2. Who opposes cruelty?

3. What is Virgil’s impression of Dante’s courage?

4. What happens to Dante’s courage after Virgil talks to him?

5. Who was the heavenly woman who was concerned about Dante?

6. Who was the New Testament Saint who recorded his images of Hell?

7. Who created the character of Aeneas?

8. Who guarded the gates of Heaven?

9. How does Virgil’s courage compare to Dante’s?

10. Why did Virgil decide to try to rescue Dante from his wanderings?

1. Dante compares himself unfavorably with the travelers St. Peter and Aeneas.

2. Lucy (St. Lucia) opposes cruelty of every kind.

3. Virgil sees Dante as a coward.

4. Dante’s courage blossoms like a flower after Virgil talks with him.

5. Beatrice was very concerned about Dante.

6. Paul was the New Testament Saint who recorded his images of Hell.

7. Aeneas was the character created by Virgil.

8. St. Peter guarded the gates of Heaven.

9. Virgil’s courage is initially great in comparison to Dante’s.

10. Beatrice and St. Lucia, the messenger of the Virgin Mary, talked him into the rescue.

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