Canto 18 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What is Malbowges? Of what is Malbowges made? What is in the middle of Malbowges?

2. Compare and contrast seducers and panders.

3. Why is Alessio Interminei in this place?

5. What is a bowge?

6. Of what sins are those in the first and second parts of Malbowges guilty?

7. How are these seducers being punished?

8. On which side of the road do the sinners walk?

9. How are the flatterers punished?

10. For what sin is the harlot being punished?

1. Malbowges is a region in Hell made of iron-gray stone with a well in the middle.

2. One who lures or stimulates others into sin is a seducer; one who panders may sell or exploit sin.

3. Alessio Interminei is in Malbowges because of his sins of flattery.

4. There are ten parts in Malbowges.

5. A bowge is a trench.

6. Those in the first and second parts of Malbowges are guilty of seduction and flattery.

7. Horned fiends with whips are beating the seducers.

8. Sinners walk on the right side of the road in Malbowges.

9. The flatterers were submerged in dung.

10. The harlot is being punished for the sin of flattery.

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