Dante's Inferno Canto 10 Questions and Answers
by Dante Alighieri

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Canto 10 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Dante addresses the power that “wheels” him. To whom is he referring?

2. What is an Epicurean?

3. Who is the family enemy that Dante encounters in the graveyard?

4. One of the shades inquires of a family member to Dante. About whom does he ask?

5. What does he find out about this family member?

6. With whom does the shade say he is lying in that graveyard?

7. Name the term used to refer to Christ in Canto X?

8. About what do Dante and Farinata argue in Canto X?

9. What is the reference to Beatrice in Canto X?

10. Who is the queen who reigns below?

1. Dante is referring to Virgil.

2. An Epicurean is one who believes that when the body dies the soul dies also.

3. The family enemy that Dante finds in the graveyard is Farinata.

4. The shade asked about his son.

5. When Dante accidentally uses the word felt, he reveals that the shade’s son (Guido) is dead.

6. The shade says that he is lying with thousands, including Frederick II and the Cardinal Ottaviano degli Ubaldini.

7. In Canto X Christ is called the All-Guider.

8. Dante and Farinata argue about the battles fought between their two political parties.

9. The reference to Beatrice is made at the end of Canto X when the shade Farinata tells Dante that he will know the truth about life when he stands before one whose eyes know all things complete.

10. The queen who reigns below is Proserpine, the Earth-Mother whom Pluto captured and carried away to Hades.