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Canto 1 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What was Virgil’s occupation? When and where did he live?

2. Where did Virgil tell Dante that joy and its beginning could be found?

3. Name the creatures that Dante finds in the woods.

4. Which creature was the most horrible and why?

5. Dante felt fear for many reasons. What were some of these reasons?

6. Why did Dante not know how he got into the woods?

7. What helped Dante to feel hope?

8. What did Virgil say they would see and hear on the journey?

9. Why did Virgil explain that some sufferers were happy in their pain?

10. Virgil said he would guide Dante on a journey but Virgil would have to turn back at one point. Where would Virgil stop with Dante?

1. Virgil was a poet in ancient Rome.

2. Virgil told Dante that joy and its beginning could be found on the mountain.

3. Dante finds a leopard, a lion, and a wolf in the...

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