How can I draw parallels between Canto 5 of Inferno and Canto 5 of Purgatorio in Dante's Divine Comedy?

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Both Canto V of "Inferno" and Canto V of "Purgatorio" take place in the second circles. Both are concerned with matters of the flesh.

In "Inferno" the Lustful are housed as well as the rest of the carnal (sexual) sinners(lines 37-40):

I learned that those who undergo this torment
are damned because they sinned with the flesh,
subjecting reason to the rule of lust.

In "Purgatorio" Dante and Virgil are in the "second spur" (ante-Purgatory). The sinners here die by violence and now have no corporeal bodies in Purgatory. Virgil warns Dante to keep moving, as the spirits long for flesh again. One spirit stops Dante, crying out (lines 46-51):

"O soul who make your way to gladness with
the limbs you had at birth, do stay your steps

The lesson here is that our time on earth, and our earthly bodies, are temporary gifts.

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