Dante's Inferno Canto 9 Summary and Analysis

Dante Alighieri

Canto 9 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Three Furies: Queen Medusa’s handmaids: Alecto, Magaera, Tisiphone

The Heavenly Messenger: Helper to Virgil and Dante; possibly St. Paul

The Heretics: In open graves; had trusted reason rather than the church

Medusa: Evil, serpent-haired goddess; could turn people to stone

Dante begins to lose hope when Virgil is denied entrance to the City of Dis. Even Virgil is pale at this point. Dante asks Virgil if he has ever made the trip before and Virgil tells him that he had once gone to the City of Dis at the insistence of a witch named Erichtho. Virgil’s task at that time had been...

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