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Canto 22 Summary and Analysis

New Character
The Soul from Navarre: Probably Gian Polo; Spaniard; former servant

Dante says that the many sights and sounds of his past do not compare with the journey that he is now beginning. Dante sees sinners jumping into the hot-pot to escape the wrath of the demons; one soul, however, does not submerge himself and is hooked by a demon. This soul is from Navarre and tells of events in his life; after his narrative the demons torture the shade.

The soul tells of others who occupy the pit with him: Fra Gomita and Don Michael Zanche. He makes a deal with the demons to fetch up seven to substitute for himself. The demons threaten to come after him if he fails to deliver. When the demons look away, the soul dives into the pit.

This trickery causes the demons to squabble among themselves. While they argue, splutter in rage,...

(The entire section is 292 words.)