Dante's Inferno Canto 15 Summary and Analysis
by Dante Alighieri

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Canto 15 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Violent Against Nature: Committed sins against the body and Nature; punished by running; Including Sodomites and alcoholics.

When the two continue their journey Dante notes that the banks of the river are comparable to the dikes of Flanders and of Padua, Italy. They see the Violent against Nature who are running perpetually. One of these runners speaks and Dante sees that it is Brunetto Latini, a former advisor to Dante. They greet each other and convers; Dante thanks him and Brunetto predicts that Dante will be treated poorly by those in Florence. Latini notes Dante's merits and speaks ill of the injustice of Florence. Dante asks him who is there and, after naming a bishop transferred from Florence to Venice, Latini tells him to remember the books of Latini where Dante still lives.

Discussion and Analysis
Those who are violent against Nature include the Sodomites; the rain (or aimless running) of these people is not fruitful but infertile much like the rain of fire on the desert. Dante is pleased to see his former teacher; Latini tells Dante not to give up even if he is ill-used by those in his home town of Florence. Latini tells Dante that Francis of Accorso and Priscian are there; Priscian had been a grammarian and Francis had been a lawyer. Latini believes that his books will preserve his memory.