Canto 15 Summary

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Last Updated March 1, 2023.

Dante and Virgil resume their journey and arrive at the riverbank, which reminds Dante of the dikes in Flanders and Padua. Along the river, they observe the sinners who committed unnatural acts; for their sins, they are continuously chased and exist in a state of constant fear. 

Among them, Dante recognizes Brunetto Latini, his former advisor; the two exchange greetings and engage in an unexpected, awestruck conversation. Dante expresses his gratitude for Latini, to which Latini responds in kind, although he sadly predicts that Florence will treat Dante harshly. Moreover, he speaks highly of Dante's merits and harshly criticizes the injustice in Florence. Dante inquires about the characters of the sinners present, and Latini mentions the name of a bishop who was transferred from Florence to Venice. He also urges Dante to remember his books as that is where he still lives.

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