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1. Matas provides a map at the beginning of each section of Daniel's Story which shows the political map of Europe from 1938-1939 plus the German concentration camps established between 1933 and 1945. A dotted line traces Daniel's journey. Enlarge the map to wall size, and add dated labels indicating the major plot events that occurred in each location.

2. In 1933 there was a three-day boycott of Jewish stores in Germany. The event was one of those pivotal points in history where the future might have been changed had the populace reacted differently. Review this period in both German and world history to identify other pivotal points where a different response could have possibly yielded an entirely different future.

3. Create a family tree of Daniel's extended family, and label each person, indicating what ultimately happened to him or her during the period of the novel.

4. Trace the continuing loss of rights and freedoms experienced by the Jews in Europe during the period spanned by Daniel's Story.

5. Prior to the family's transfer to the ghetto in Lodz, Poland, Daniel spends hours in his room reading books. "My favorite one was The Count of Monte Cristo which I read at least five times." If you have not already read this book, locate a detailed summary. What is there about the content of The Count of Monte Cristo that might cause Daniel to return to it repeatedly?

6. In Daniel's Story, readers see everything through Daniel's eyes. Rewrite a scene as it might have been experienced by another character in the book.

7. Erika, Daniel's sister and two years his junior, also survives the camps, only to die in an infirmary in a displaced persons' camp after the war. While Daniel is the book's narrator and Erika is more offstage, she actually has some of the best lines in the book wherein she offers some significant insights into the meaning of their lives during this dark period. Explore Erika's role in Daniel's Story, and discuss her wisdom or insight regarding their condition. Consider also how those around her respond to what she has to say.

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